Dec 9, 2017

60Years Diamond Wedding Anniversary 阿嫲的老家 杂货铺

{ 阿公和阿嫲的爱情故事} 


 喜字杯子 与祝君早安



Apr 15, 2017

Provence Lavender Garden Wedding Decoration 薰衣草花园

满满的爱给这个主题,设计了薰衣草香皂 ,手缝香包、蜜糖罐还有磨砂膏。

 It's our honor to do the decoration for client coming back from Australia last year.
Cottage is one of our favourite theme decoration.
 We put a lot of time doing research of hows the provence garden and house look like and those souvenir sell at the market.
We do some handmade such as honey pot, lavender soap, lavender pillow and perfume to make it looks like Provence street.

We always love handmade and and we make your dream wedding come true.

Alvin & Zeng Gu
Venue : Sarawak ,Sibu Tanahmas

Hydrangea and purple rose hand bouquet

 Bridal car decoration
 Purple wedding cake
Handmade soap
 Scrub Powder
Heart shape Lavender Pack
Real Lavender shipped from France
 Honey Pot

 Baby breath with garden accessories

Sweet Smile of the Gorgeous Bride
and elegant decoration theme

Jun 22, 2016

Ice Blue Winter Coffee House

We are glad to be part of your wedding as a wedding decorator and also wedding planner. Yiew Foo and Xiu Ping have an extra-ordinary love story. They met each other at Starbucks. An ordinary coffee, an ordinary routine for both loving coffee, but it was an extra-ordinary moment when he and she caught each other eyes at the Starbucks counter. So here comes with the winter coffee house themed decoration.

Yiew Foo & Xiu Ping
19 March 2016
Rinwood Hall, Kingwood Hotel

Beware!! T-Rex Crossing!! RAWR!!

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party
 Aaron's Birthday Party
 12th June 2016
Paramount Hotel, 3rd Floor

#dinosaur #rawr #gooddinosaur #candybuffet #birthday #party #jungle

Jul 9, 2015

Tiffany Ocean Theme Candy Buffer

   Ocean theme
   Lizbeth 100 days birthday party
   King wood poolside
   Tiffany and purple color theme
   Sweet and lovely ocean creature party on the cake.
  # starfish # seashell # fish # button # baby chair # pearls.

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Jun 27, 2015

Sesame St. Birthday Party Decoration

Bernard's Street Birthday Party
@ The Queen , Sibu
Red Theme
1 years old birthday
Decoration Part : 
Photo Props, 
Elmo & Friends Fondant Cream Cake
Fruits Tart
Cookies & Candy
Sweet Family Photo
Served With L. O. V. E

by Joco Lico

Jan 4, 2015

Purple Theme Wedding Decor 4.11.2014

 * Sien Ping & Melinda * 
Kingwood Sibu

-----------  THE AMAZING TREE OF L.O.V.E ---------

It 's  our honour to  do the decorations for this sweet couple.
We felt so ' Handmade with Love '
while preparing  every single piece of art work, 
that's gonna present to the couple on their big day.

Delicious homebake cake by Yew Wan really made the candy booth look so
 Sweet with Love.

Once again thank you very much 
for everything and the helper for this event decor. 

If you would like to know more about our wedding package, 
kindly email us at
or contact 016-8775255

Joco Lico
A Gift You Remember
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Oct 13, 2014

Event Stylish for Wedding , Birthday Party, Proposal,

Flower Color Theme Decor

Photo Corner

*Candy Booth*

Cupcake | Chocolate |Cookies

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Aug 16, 2014

Up Up In The Sky Event

We provide core service of  Wedding decoration, Door gift design & Holiday DIY tutorial class.

Up coming Events :
15-24 Bornero Cultural Festival @ Townsquare
31 Aug - National Day @ Daesco Mall
10-12 Oct - Wedding Fair @ Delta Mall
Year End Handmade Class

Official Website :
Instagram / We chat : Joco Lico
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Jul 24, 2014

Fly with Dream de Augusto

We are anticipated for Borneo Cultural Festival 2014 !
* Upcoming August Event *

9 Aug - Agape Centre Carnival Day
15-24th  Aug  - Sibu Town Square Borneo Festival
31 Aug - National Day Ft. Sing Chew Press @ Daesco Mega Mall