Jul 9, 2015

Tiffany Ocean Theme Candy Buffer

   Ocean theme
   Lizbeth 100 days birthday party
   King wood poolside
   Tiffany and purple color theme
   Sweet and lovely ocean creature party on the cake.
  # starfish # seashell # fish # button # baby chair # pearls.

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  1. Incredible!! I have never seen such beautiful cake I am drooling over this lovely cake. Other party foods are also very delicious. Thanks a ton for these photographs. I am going to get married at the Lincoln park wedding venues and would love to have such a pretty wedding cake for the ceremony.

  2. The cakes all are very beautiful and look very delicious. The photo shooting is nice. I especially love to eat macaroon and I'm a big fan of it.

  3. For our wedding, we took two photographs, superimposed Just Married on them and afterward developed and mounted the photographs on froth center and put the gives up the seat bands. Royal chairs for sale